Basic traffic course

Basic traffic course

This course is mandatory for all under 25 years old, but can be taken at the earliest when one has been 15 years or older. 17 hours distributed on five courses evenings.

Topics of the course

  • Traffic training
  • Basic understanding of traffic
  • Human behavior in traffic
  • Practice driving and driving experience
  • First aid
  • Measures in case of a traffic accident
  • Trafficist in the dark

First aid, measures in case of a traffic accident and trafficist in the dark is mandatory for all, including those over 25 years.

When you have completed the basic course you will receive a proof that gives you the right to exercise. You need to have the proof and approved photo ID, both when taking driving lessons in traffic school and when you practice driving private.


Please contact us if you have any questions or need help in any way.

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