Category B96 (passenger car with trailer)

All people with license category b are allowed to pull trailers, but overall weights on the car and trailer together, provide constraints on the various driver's license category. With driver's license class B you can pull a trailer, but the trailer and car cannot exceed 3500 kg overall.

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The main goals for the training class B96/BE.

After finished traffic tutorial in the class B96/BE, should the student have the skills that are needed to run the car with trailer in a responsible manner. The student should have the knowledge, skills, the insight and understanding that are needed to run in a way that:

  • is safe
  • provide good interaction
  • leads to good traffic winding up
  • taking into account the health and the environment and the needs of others
  • is in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations

Step 2) This step goes on technical use and understanding of driving with trailer.  

Step 3) This step is the use of trailer in diverse traffic.

Step 4) In this step one must have developed the will to take responsibility, take precautions and cooperate in traffic. The student will complete courses in the safety and marking of cargo and safety course on the way, 3 hours

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