Category B

Already completed the Basic Road Traffic Knowledge course? Then this is the natural way continue. Category B allows you to drive a car with a total weight of 3500 kg.

Category B automatic

Category B Automatic is the class for those who wants training with automatic transmission. Automatic transmission are very common and suitable for urban and long-distance driving.

Category BE

Driving a car and trailer with a total weight above 4250kg? Then you would need a driving license in the BE category. This category gives you the ability to drive a car and trailer with weight up to 7000kg.

Category B96

If you want to drive a car with a trailer with a maximum weight exceeding 3500kg, class B96 will give you the opportunity. You can drive a car and trailer up to 4250kg with Class B96.

Basic Road Traffic Knowledge

Everyone who is driving on the road must have completed the basic road course. Are you above 15 years old, and feel ready for the road? Then you’re already set after this course.