Driver's license Moped (Category M146)

With us you can take the moped driver's license. You can rent a moped, or bring your own.

You can start the training from you are 15 1/2 years old.

You need to complete the Basic Traffic Course before you can take driving lessons or practise driving. When you have completed the Basic Traffic Course, you will be issued a learner’s permit (provisional driving licence) which gives you the right to practise driving.

The tutorial is divided into four steps, where basic traffic course is the first step.

Step 1Basic traffic course.

At step 2 , you'll acquire the knowledge of motorcycle and moped driving, and learn how to master the moped. Three hours theory is required. Through the course the student will acquire knowledge of the moped and the driver's responsibility in addition to the basic knowledge of the human being and the road.

The goal of step 3 is that the student should be able to run independently in diverse traffic.
Obligatory on this step is Safety Course in Traffic, 3 hours, and an assessment hour.

Step 4 is mandatory and lasts over 4 hours.
Through experience, the student will further develop his / her competence in acting to prevent accidents.
The pupils will develop the ability to reflect, to take another's perspective and to choose low-risk driving modes.

The student should

  1. Further develop clear, safe and independent driving with moped in densely populated areas and country-road environments using systematic information retrieval and precise driving techniques
  2. Learn and choose a route that provides the greatest possible safety and least possible disadvantage for other traffic
  3. Reflect on their own experiences and the moped's possibilities for safe transportation

After completing all the training, a theoretical test must be passed at Statens Vegvesen. You must have passed 16 years of age before you can take the test.

For more information please check our the url: Category AM (two-, three- and four-wheeled mopeds)

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